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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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the group something. we know we also know but if you go to the bible. with those who think it is a burden weren't given long to express it police arrested protest leaders. the wind supporters managed to drag him away the prime minister since told parliament the government would review the controversial taxes. it's pretty clear that these kind of opposition to them weren't be tolerated. malcolm webb al-jazeera come pala uganda a turkish court has sentenced five mining executives to up to twenty two years in jail over a coal mine disaster that left three hundred one people dead a fire in the soma mine in may twenty four thousand was turkey's worst ever industrial disaster and the world's biggest mining disaster of a century triggered mass protests against president adams ruling ak party which was
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considered too close to industry bosses critics say turkey's industrial safety standards have not kept pace with the country's massive economic growth. italy's hardline interior minister has condemned a group of rescued migrants who fought efforts to return them to libya comparing them to hijackers are prejudiced threaten the crew of a tugboat which rescued and earlier this week and what it transferred to an italian coast guard ship or two seventy said they should be jailed and then sent back to their home countries the changing take i mean not shot at all if you are going to top it for people who are threatened and attacked but end up in a jail and not in a hotel i will not give permission for any kind of disembarking until there's a guarantee for the safety of italians the people who are criminals and not refugees who have hijacked the ship violence will end up in jail the some time and then be brought back to their country as soon as possible. germany's interior minister is facing calls to resign after a failed asylum seeker deported to kabul last week committed suicide forced zero
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for was already facing criticism for comments he made about the fight flight the man was deported on on tuesday he joked that sixty nine afghans had been deported on his sixteenth birthday but he said it wasn't on his orders of germany a nazi has been jailed for life for her part in the murders of ten people during a seven year campaign of racially motivated violence there out of shape or was part of the nationalists national socialist underground whose members killed eight people of turkish origin as well as a german policewoman and a greek citizen mike spanier courts. they ought to ship a spent five years on trial for her part in multiple murders that shocks germany acting in the name of an organization inspired by the nazis the national socialist underground or in issue thirty i think the sentencing of misha to life in prison including the determination of serious culpability is consistent and correct michelle is not
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a woman who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time rather she is a national socialist a racist and a murderer and she know has a hard bed to law in but she made her own bed and it will no probably be hers to law in for a long time to come. the case against schip but was that she was a willing accomplice in a three person cell targeting members of the turkish community their first victim was killed in nuremberg in two thousand and was a thirty eight year old businessman who ran a group of flowers stalls at the time police struggled to find a motive. but we now know that shem shakes death was the start of a killing spree that would touch seven different german cities between two thousand and two thousand and seven claiming ten lives three people were killed in nuremberg two more were murdered in the bavarian capital munich the other five in cities outside bavaria eight of the victims were from the turkish community in all cases the victims were shot in the head at close range but what this map doesn't show is
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that after the last killing it took the authorities almost four years to track down the cell and then only after two of them had carried out an armed robbery been cornered by the police and then shot themselves before they could be arrested. it fueled accusations of incompetence by the authorities with some people suggesting some officers might have colluded with the n.a.s.u. . families of the victims say their ordeal has been made worse by the time it took for the trial to happen. why did the murderers choose my father i can't and won't simply believe that it was a coincidence four hundred thirty seven days of investigation and these questions weren't answered i have no closure because i have the feeling that not everything was done that could have been done because i'm sure that other accomplices are still walking around after her fellow conspirators deaths beata schipper handed herself in to police in twenty eleven during her trial she rarely spoken court except to deny being a member of the n.a.s.u. to disapprove of its actions and to express her regret for not having been able to
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prevent the murders the reality for her now though is that a guilty verdict main she spins at least fifteen years behind bars max banya al jazeera thousands of bosnian muslims gathered in srebrenica earlier to mark the twenty third anniversary of the massacre there and to bury thirty five victims who were recently identified more than eight thousand men and boys were killed in july nine hundred ninety five by serb forces led by general ratko nottage dutch united nations peacekeepers were outnumbered and failed to intervene that it has been sentenced to life in prison by u.n. tribunal for masterminding atrocities throughout the bosnian war.
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thank. you. thank you lauren there's only one place to start and that is in moscow where croatia in england are contesting the fact and world cup semifinal it is half time now in england a one nil up but thanks to a five minute free kick goal from karen trippi asport correspondent andy burchett then a thundering by froth watching the game in moscow andy england all leading what do
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they need to do now to maintain the advantage or a sharp course charlie how can they get back into the match. yeah england certainly start seeing that at a higher tempo i think coming into this game they were quite honest about the fact that they've had a fairly easy run into this into the semifinal compared to what they could have not faced a real superpower traditional footballing superpower coming into this game they go through again with games against colombia and sweden this off the drill could have had the likes of argentina spain germany coming in to play at this point and they've been very grounded and very sort of aware that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to reach a world cup final and they said they were nervous but also excited excited about this opportunity and they certainly come into this game and that seems to be playing out they they certainly got the higher tempo kiran trippier the fantastic
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freekick up to just five minutes and really that the concerning will power is that they haven't got a second goal of coming up which we say was clean three was ruled offside but i think they would have rolled into the on side me missed from very close range jesselyn god also had a chance just after that when he put it wide there is definitely a positive feeling around english football at the moment there's a lot more fans from england in moscow for this game we're at the first game in volgograd on the plates in his ear the car being more than a couple of thousand fans there's at least four times that now for this game here in moscow there's a positive feeling around the team it's quite a likable team they're limited but set pieces is one. so good at it again it was a set piece that aaa school of thought is the ninth set piece goal of this world cup and that is a record in world cup finals i gave you two questions in one with my excitement for andy croatia are of course trailing how can they get back into the match.
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your croatia i think have the better individual players particularly in midfield if you look at it even racquets. that's the real madrid player in that haven't come up against a midfield partnership like that in the world cup so far. but they are struggling at the moment croatia just to get a foothold in the game they've come through two really big grueling psychologically physically grueling games like in the last game in sochi they took on the hosts the ones the extra time and then and all season the atmosphere inside that stadium was exhausting just just observing it they were just taking on the russians seem to be taking on the entire nation there and some of their players all the wrong side of thirty any sorts was the end of of extra time in that game just how physically exhausted they were and was a big question as to whether or not they could lift themselves for one more effort and this is what the big challenge they now face they want down at half time they'll be happy though in some ways because it could have been worse for them and it's whether or not the physical strength to come back next they certainly have the
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skill to do it they're back in a world cup final for the first time look at semifinal for the first time in twenty years this is a one off opportunity for this generation of players and they've got forty five minutes now to turn it around and and one last question who do you think france would rather play in the final england all croatia. i think away from supplying i don't think they'll mind i think if you look at the semifinalists on the other side of the draw france definitely would have hoped to get to the semifinals belgium maybe on this side of the draw think krajcir in england are real outsiders to have come this far in the tournament so i don't think fronts. it will be to sort of says to who they face they're playing so well at the moment and i think will french fans will be enjoying you seeing that scene when in different ways they have that wide open game against argentina in the last sixteen when they want four three and killing them but i was running into the wide open spaces left by the argentinian defense since then we've had more pragmatic composed
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performances against your required than against belgium and as you get into this stage of the tournament it's about having a tight defense and also about having a game changing plan and a front certainly have ok thank you andy let's now talk to our sports correspondent lee welling fleeing into our leading a half time how excited are the fans of a team of just forty five minutes away from the third of the world cup final. was just simply plain enough for you to go back so you were around for a grandfather who was parked in central london tens of thousands of the mind there's some lucky bunch of money she got to get so many tens of thousands try to get tickets and file but there are a great fight this afternoon going to cause england i want you sense now with the people here but of course the cultural is a said soberly there simply wasn't there but it's been instilled by the way the
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game of growing with age marching carrots are the problem for a really difficult nobody before the student you can really find it they want the global goal far less of a chance of winning when you woke up in the fall and saw for the first time because of course it's thirty two years it's that you want to walk out of that happened here has been on drugs and sung in this country for the last few weeks on this fight that england could play your winning it's almost a surreal said some joy that's envelops hard on the cultural ok thank you very much . now has already thought of a statement mentioning found the arabian channel be out the pirate channel fever has observed the pirate and. named b. out q. continues to use illegally the twenty eighteen fee for world cup broadcast signal the saudi channel has a legally broadcast world cup matches over the last month fee for says it has engaged counsel to take legal action against the channel now a huge shock at wimbledon where twenty time grand slam champion roger federer has
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been knocked out missing out on a ninth title the swiss was beaten in a mammoth match lasting five sets south africa's kevin anderson his conqueror was number two fedorov one the first to satisfy his opponent would fight back to take the final three the match ended two six six seven seven five six four thirteen eleven. better news for world number one for the world number one novak djokovic edged he's also through to the semi's it's off to his when i have a kind of should carry off japan the battling out of five set win six three three six six two six two. world number one rough in a dollars taking on one monte del potro in the last of the quarterfinal clashes it's one set all and two sets all in that match stage five of this year's tour de france is gone to cycling world champion peters fagan of slovakia the overall leaders yellow jersey has been retained for another day by belgium's greg van
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ottomar but the day itself belong to peter fagan he managed to outlast his rivals on a hilly stage to cross the line first. that is all this will for now more later thanks to seattle. letters written by nelson mandela to his family and about his faith in the anti-apartheid struggle during his twenty seven years as a political prisoner had been published in a book publication marks one hundred is since the birth of the former south african president jenna how reports i for twenty seven years in prison nelson mandela's communications with the outside world consisted mainly of letters written from his prison cell words were his principal means of keeping alive friendships and family ties religious faith and political conviction our cause is just it is a fight for human dignity and for an honorable life often heavily censored or never delivered at all most of the letters appear in a new volume of mandela's prison writings launched in johannesburg this week many
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published for the first time offer a new insights into one of the world's most famous figures during some of his darkest times it's one of those milestone books that will open a chapter of our rules need not just our vision that freedom didn't just come to feed just tough that madiba to feel the pain med of his message is one we can all learn from that we all need to do something good in the world in which we live wherever we are to make sure that this kind of life that he had to live through will never happen again some of mandela's captors became confidants others proxies for the wider struggle against south africa's apartheid government should like us to fight over principles and ideas and without personal hatred so at the end of the battle whatever the results might be i can proudly shake hands with you. i
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a recurring theme is the pain of family separation the father of five who missed the funeral of his eldest son and wasn't allowed visits from his toddler daughters until they turned sixteen. do not worry about me now i am happy well and full of strength and hope the only thing i long for is you in meticulous handwriting after their mother winnie was arrested yet again mandela offers the support of an absent parent my darlings once again our beloved mommy has been arrested and now she and daddy are away in jail she gave up pleasure and comfort in return for a life full of hardship and misery because of the deep love she has for her people and her country the letter concludes we have a lot of friends and they will look after you and one day mommy and daddy will return jonah how al-jazeera and that's it from a darn. and will be here in
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a moment but more day's news thanks for watching news and i feel. in two thousand and fourteen israel inflicted a devastating attack on gaza. filmmaker mohamad jabaliya captures the destruction of his home city through the struggle of those he saved lives for a living. witness ambulance on al-jazeera.
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he has no pulse board yet he's politically active in two countries i was still new .


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